Sheryl Casteen-sm

Sheryl Casteen

LCEA President

Retired, formerly Marketing Communications Manager for Porex, Petaluma, CA, an international medical supply company

Retired to Casteen Family Farm, Lebanon, grew commercial garlic, sold nationwide.

Now really retired 2015.

Farm phone:  541-258-4431

Email Address:

Community Activities – OSU Extension Linn County Master Gardener since 2006, assisted with Planting Seeds of Change, Lebanon  (5) school gardens installation and programs; grant writing for school gardens; work with Western University COMP NW first year students with their community service projects through Planting Seeds of Change and OSU Extension; work with Samaritan Linn County Childhood Obesity Committee – yearly summit; instructor through Linn Benton Community College – basic gardening courses to the public, childhood daycare and pre-school teachers.  Member of the Linn County Garden Hub, an association of school teachers/trainers working with students in school gardens; member of LBCC Horticulture/Agriculture Advisory Board; speakers bureau – garden topics and LCEA.

Other Interests:  Farming; educating to give the public the ability to grow their own food; horticulture – how does my garden grow? Marketing/mentoring new businesses; continuing education “Learning never exhausts the mind.” Leonardo Da Vinci

Further education on the “Plight of the Pollinators” giving annual conferences for local residents and workshops on native pollinators to increase the public’s awareness of what they can do to help out.