Clare Sullivan, Crops faculty lead, Melissa Fery, Small Farms faculty lead, Chrissy Lucas, Water testing and Brad Withrow-Robinson Forestry faculty lead.

LCEA will grant funds exclusively for Linn County Extension programs to further or accelerate projects not funded in full.  We are interested in supporting projects especially when partnered with other organizations to further the educational programs of OSU Extension.

These grants must be matched by either another grant or a current program already in existence.  For instance, master gardener program Seed to Supper is in existence, booklets are received from partner, Oregon Food Share, however, if there is not enough for current demand for the program, LCEA may match the dollar amount to pay for additional booklets.

LCEA is interested in extending educational classes for the public in all arenas included in Extension to further our mission “Growing Community”.

You can download the Grant Application form here.

LCEA Awards Inaugural Grants

For the first time, LCEA has funded grants to extend or start projects for four different Extension programs. We are funding the Extension Forestry & Natural Resources to continue expanding the Oregon Seasonal Tracker citizen scientist training; purchasing garden booklets to continue the Master Gardeners’ free Seed to Supper basic gardening classes; assisting Family and Community Health with a mold suppression campaign and moisture meter program; and, assisting 4-H with start-up funds for a new hands-on training program for Special Needs children.

Oregon Seasonal Tracker                 Forestry & Natural Resources – Brad Withrow-Robinson

Oregon Seasonal Tracker identified two key areas of study especially suited to citizen involvement. Weather affects us all, plants, animals and humans. Recording precipitation is a key part of weather. Plant phenology is tracked for the seasonal changes of native plants that respond to variations in weather and other factors.   Since 2014, this program has recruited, educated and supported a cohort of trained volunteers to participate in precipitation and phenology observations as citizen scientists.

This research is used for real time changes/precipitation monitoring in the Willamette Valley. Data that can help us sustain our environment. As a volunteer-oriented/driven program, Extension is in a unique position to train and offer local support to volunteers in monitoring weather and climate all across the state by working through our many established programs such as Master Woodland Managers, Master Gardeners, a large and diverse 4-H youth development, and school enrichment programs, as well as reaching out to new partners in the community.   Extension is partnering with other organizations to cover the entire nation.

LCEA’s grant will expand the training and offer rain precipitation gauges at a reduced cost. Interested in being a volunteer, it’s easy, call 541-967-3871 for more information.

Seed to Supper Booklets                                           Home Horticulture – Brooke Edmunds

Food studies show a high rate of food insecurity in our county. Seed to Supper is a free, six-week classroom curriculum that was developed by OSU Extension and the Oregon Food Bank. The classes cover vegetable gardening, from soils, irrigation, seeding, pests, diseases and harvest, ending with a cooking class. They often include free soil, pots and seeds to the students started. Linn Master Gardeners will teach four, possibly five six-week courses in February, March, and April of 2017.

In years past, students have reported growing their own vegetables at home and increasing their own or their families’ consumption of vegetables and fruits. This is also an excellent outreach tool to the public, usually bringing in one or two new Master Gardener trainees each year.

This grant will pay for 100 booklets for the free basic gardening course Seed to Supper.

Mold & Moisture Control in Homes             Family and Community Health – Jeanne Brandt

Oregon has a wet environment for most of the year and while plants do well here, so does mold. Mold is part of our natural environment and spores can be found indoors as well as outside. When it grows inside, it can become a health hazard. Many people are sensitive to mold spores causing allergic reactions including sneezing, runny noses, red, watery eyes, and skin rashes. It can cause asthma in some individuals. Oregon is among the top six states with the highest percentage of adults with asthma.

The dampness also invites and supports some pests, such as the dust mites and may increase bacteria growth in the home.

LCEA’s grant will afford the Family and Community Health Department to educate groups about mold and mold suppression. Along with the education, there will be meters to monitor moisture levels in homes. Look for lectures at local group gatherings, i.e. senior centers, social service partners, religious organizations as well as local public events.

4-H Special Needs Program                            4-H Youth – Andrea Leao, Robin Galloway

This new program will concentrate on teaching families what 4-H can offer special needs children. Many other programs do not pertain to the interests or needs of these children. The goal of this program is to educate not only the parents and youth but also help the traditional clubs learn how to include special needs children in their groups.

Currently, the following classes will be offered: Foods – making a meal and/or food science experiment; Horticulture – planting plants, learning about fruits and vegetables; Art – painting and pottery; Science – science experiments and bug collections; Animals – small and large animal projects, maybe even incubating eggs and raising birds.

Overall Linn County 4-H has approximately 700 children enrolled in a variety of programs and about 75 leaders with many parents assisting the club leaders. LCEA’s grant will fund the materials needed for the Special Needs classes.

LCEA members made these grants possible. Make a donation and become a member. Helping people, helps grow our community. Thank you.